How to Travel the World-Effective Ways to Cut Travel Costs 2

ACTION-ORIENTED: A SMART goal must also be action oriented. It cannot merely be stated. You must relate the goal to doing something, to indicate what needs to be done. An action verb will indicate what needs to be accomplished. “I will travel” is a good example of an action statement, stated intent and implies preparation and planning, will and persistence.

REALISTIC: For any goal to be motivational and get you committed to reaching it, it must be realistic. When a goal is not realistic and the person does not really believe it can be reached, then the commitment is lacking and the effort will not be there to permit the goal to be realized.
Choosing realistic goals are based on your present status. What jumps to mind right away in our example, is whether and how you can afford it and make it happen!

TIME-CONSTRAINED: In order for a goal to move people towards it, it must be time-constrained. A timeline needs to be associated with it. It will entice people to move towards the goal. The timeline set, will be based on the goal itself and the present status. Six months is stated here as a realistic timeline, leaving enough time to save for, plan, book and take your well deserved vacation to Hawaii (as in our stated example), OR anywhere else YOU have chosen to go!

With these SMART goal insights in mind, the 101 TIPS are divided into four perspectives if you will, for an easy reference-framework.

•SAVE MONEY, shares suggestions on hotels, car rentals, airfare, destination travel, food, maximize discounts, comparison-shop, special offers, insider-tips and more to put more hard cash in your travel pocket.
• AVOID COST and costly mistakes, deals with impulse buying, un-reputable travel service providers, traveling without insurance, always read the fine print, buyer beware and other insights that will help you hold onto your travel dollar or spend it appropriately on what you want.
• ENSURE DETAILS , involves paying close attention to confirming details, fine-print, insurance and other travel-related issues.
• BE SMART, will be offering travelers, general travel tips, as not only formulated in SMART goals, but also translating well into being an informed consumer, making wise choices and decisions on all their travel endeavors.

Have FUN with the 100 tips! Customize and personalize them, combine, analyze,synergize and review them. Optimize and utilize them to your heart’s content, add your own, keep the list growing and share these, other and your individual insights with others, inspiring them to undertake and join the global quest and go somewhere, anywhere, or just plan and budget, then GO!

Bearing in mind that we have already covered tip # 1, which dealt with setting SMART travel goals, we now continue with our in-depth list of 101 tips for traveling on budget.