Information Resources and Destination Guides

Arm yourself with lots of  information regarding your destination of choice. Write to obtain information from a variety of sources like the tourism boards, local chamber of commerce and tourist information centers. They all offer and share information gladly with would-be travelers. Best of all, it costs you only the time and maybe the phone call or postage required on a self-addressed stamped envelope, to access this treasure-trove of information.

Sometimes the information is even online, at your fingertips, readily accessible and without any associated costs. Knowledge is power! It will save you money. Avoid being taken advantage of, exploited or extorted by excessive prices and/or misrepresentation by arming yourself with the facts!

Ensuring that you are familiar with as much background and localized,relevant, up-to-date travel, general information, will better prepare you for thedetails of your trip, assist in planning your event schedule more effectively, and being a smart and informed tourist never hurt anyone! On the contrary, you will maximize your trip, from departure, during to your safe return.

Travel guides are a great help and good place to start gathering topical, destination and relevant information. Consult many of them and check often for new and helpful resources in print and online that contains destination-like travel information.

Save money if you are an AAA member and take advantage of their free travel guides. Avoid costly mistakes and unanticipated costs, for hotels for example, by knowing what is happening in the area at the time you are planning to take your trip.

Are there any conventions, major sports events or concerts, tradeshows and other happenings in and around where you plan to be? Might any of these factors influence cost and availability? Ensure informational detail provided is reliable and current. Be smart, check, and verify the information provided to ensure that it is up to date and accurate.